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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
My ex wife used to go fishing w her daddy in Juneau Alaska and when they caught a big halibut (80 - 180lbs) she'd rub it's stomach and they'd stay calm as a sleeping baby. Otherwise they could beat a wood skiff to pieces or in rare occasions even kill the fisherman. The small halibut (chicks .. about 30lbs) are much better eating than the big boys the tourists like to catch for added hair on their chest.
< smile > you should have mentioned that the smaller fish are better to eat because they have accumulated less heavy metals and other toxics that man has discarded in the seas in their flesh. Even vthe guy that things animals have no feelings should be able to understand that the less stuff one eats the less toxics his body will contain. So I guess that means i need to stop eating..with my belly i should be good for at least a year or two.................
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