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Originally Posted by bfloyd4445 View Post
Sailtones, that was well said. Thank you sir. Most treat fish when caught as if they were not livings animals like us with feelings.
I learned as a young man to respect living things as I respected myself and when i pulled the trigger it was only when i was insured a one shot instant kill. Fishing was the same, I began using barb less hooks in the sixties just because they caused less damage to fish allowing for easier release. On smaller keepers i slit the belly then cut the gills loose pull down and usually all the insides pull out with the gills, instant bleeding. No thrashing suffering, fish death is instant. Larger ones are done in a similar manner depending upon species.
The club thing is horrible to watch as the fish shudders in pain then hit again to make sure,maybe several times......yucko....Lets put humane back into being human and do away with all practices not humane. Should be a minimum standard for a human being right?

Catch it, Kill it, Eat it. It is a fish not a bunny
What next.. talk quietly to your tomato before slicing it?

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