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RE: Anchoring Kills

Yorksafloat wrote:

Always remember that the bits and pieces on your boat are not worth your life.* When things are going badly, it's always good to take a couple of seconds to ask yourself "What's the worse that can happen?" if you do what you're planning to do.* If you don't like the answer, come up with a different plan.*
Each one of the guys that perished in this accident could probably have bought a new anchor and rode with the contents of their wallets and never noticed the difference.*
Always worry about people first and possessions second.
Jim, I don't think it was an issue of "saving the anchor".* It sounds like the anchor was down and holding well.....too well....and when they decided to get the hell outta there, the achor was stuck.* And before they could go to their "plan B", waves were already swamping the boat.* They should have cut the line but who knows if they had a good knife or even if they have enough time.* I was on the water when this front went thru Texas and it blew EXTREMELY hard.* It also didn't have*a squall line*ahead of it so maybe it took them a little by surprise.* WIth that said, it WAS forecast and they should have known better.* Things happen very fast "out there".

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