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Originally Posted by Moonstruck View Post
Now, we're down to it. We have no permanent marina home. Wherever we are we are temporary. When we are cruising sometimes we run a long day. If we decide to pull into a marina any slip that is left are probably the worst as far as accessibility. Even in adverse conditions the boat has to go it. It certainly makes it interesting. The picture is at Jekyll Harbor Marina. The strong currents run parallel to shore. This is the only tie up available when we arrived. Anyone familiar with it will know that this is inside along the walk. Lou was not feeling well. so we needed a tie up. You can see how the current has the boat pinned against the dock.

WOW!!!!! have done it..giant smile....I am green with envy....Is this your home in the picture? I havent a clue where your at but if you get out to california or oregon I'll buy ya a beer, or what ever.

So Moonstruck has struck....ah whata life....
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