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Rich and Helen
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You folks are so helpful. I just can't thank you enough.

We're not horribly price- restricted so only the handling of a large boat by an older couple (first time I've ever written/admitted THAT) and what I've heard about mooring/marina restrictions re. length would keep us from a 55'-65' boat. If the ditch is primarily our route, do many moorings restrict size? If so, what tends to be the max length/displacement?

I hope that thrusters would make large-boat couple-handling possible. And as I've looked at larger boats they seem to have lots of potentially "private" spaces; raised pilot houses, extra staterooms that serve as offices, enclosed stern spaces etc.

Helen wants a bath tub. So that's on the "must" list. The larger Selene's seem to have them as do some Hatteras?

Re. slips - I envision us as a bit "nomadic" once we move aboard. While we may have the boat for a while while we stay in Ft Lauderdale and tie up loose ends, once we "shove off" I have thought that we might vary our winter/summer spots depending on where one or both of us find work. That remains to be seen. We may get into a pattern.
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