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For New Members

Forkliftt wrote:
<ul>[*]Marin will usually jump in at this point and mention airplanes. Not that it applies to your problem- he just likes airplanes.[*]Baker will second whatever comment Marin made- he like airplanes too.[/list]
Well..... there ARE a lot of similarities between the aviation world and the boating world, not the least of which is that a pilot (in command) and a skipper are each solely responsible for the safety of their craft. It's a written rule in aviation. I'm not sure it's actually written down in boating, but it's still true. This tends to give pilots and skippers a similar approach to the way they view the operation of their craft.

I believe this is one reason there are a lot of pilots involved in boating. The challenges are similar and both require similar skills and attitudes to do it safely and successfully.

The best thing, of course, is to combine them both into one machine, like this. The only problem my wife and I have found with this concept is that while we get there sooner in the DHC2 (110 mph @ 23 gph) we can't cook, walk around outside, or take a dump in it while we're underway like we can in the GB36 (8 kts @ 5 gph).

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