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RE: Boat Values - Know Before You Buy

Large boat even in good times take years to sell as each is basically a one of a kind, and not a large number of buyers for them. So it makes it even more difficult to set a price.* Besides condition, location and presentation are a big factor when selling a boat like most things.**

Location is a big factor as to how fast and much a boat will sell.* I agree that buyers for some reason are not willing to travel very far to look at a boat. The reason people may not travel is they are under the misconception that a boat broker will know and show all the boats in the area like a dirt real-estate broker.* Which is NOT true as most will only show the boats listed with them. Further more locatios may also command a higher or a lower price.* So location is factor as the buyer has to search out the boat.* The change of selling the Eagle quicker and/or for more are higher in Seattle than Everett.

Presentation is also a big factor as glitz, shine, polish dose sell a boat.* A buy is more likely to buy a boat that has been detailed in lesser condition than boat a boat I better condition.* So spend the money/time to detail the boat as it does get a buyer interested in a boat at least enough to start paying out some dollars to have surveyed.**I have seen boat that have not sold that were detailed, polish/shine, which sold for thousad more.*

So its location so they at least see/know the boat is for sale.* Presentation so it appeals/interest them, and condition which will close the deal.*
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