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If you are looking at previously owned boats, the brand name of the engine will often be less important than how well it has been maintained. On a much older boat, do ask around about parts availability. Some engines that were in common use a while back, (the Cummins "triple nickel" comes to mind as an example) might have been fabulous engines in their day, and maybe still are if well maintained, but eventually something will break and parts availability can be an issue.

I'm a huge fan of Perkins. Just personal preference and experience. There are many other good choices as well.

If hoping for a long lifespan from your engine(s), one of the old "isms" that seems to be consistently valid is the 2:1 ratio. See if you can find an engine that displaces two or more cubic inches for each HP developed. (Example would be a 354 cu in inline six producing 165 HP). Especially some of the newer engines rely on running much higher RPM to achieve rated HP. Most of those legendary 15, 20, 25,000 engines are slower turning.
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