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We don't have a lot of experience with marine diesel engines and we are wondering what experiences people have had with various engines. I'm sure marine engines, just like any other product we buy, have some that are held in high regard and some that are not. We're wondering what peoples experiences are regarding different makes and models of marine engines when it comes to reliability, maintainability, availability, affordability, etc. It would be great information to know as we shop around and see various boats with various engines. We look forward to your experiences and opinions.[/QUOTE]

Whatever engine you get, make sure parts and service in your area are readily available, especially in the cold northern climate where the boating season are short. If you can not get parts and service in your area it may not matter how reliable the engine is. I donít recommend engines as they all need maintenance/service. How the engine was maintained and its present condition is important. Once you find THE BOAT let us know!
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