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Originally Posted by timjet View Post
Any high performance diesel that's turbo charged and producing a lot of torque for it's size is always going to be less reliable and require more maintenance than a normally aspirated low power diesel. The more stuff you put on an engine to increase it's power the more trouble it's going to cause. However if you want to go fast you have no other choice.

That's kind of a blanket statement and I don't agree with it. There are plenty of turbo boost engines that run trouble free if maintained correctly.

The technology has come a long way in the past 20 or so years. Keep in mind that in the 50's, 60's and 70's fuel injection on a gas engine was viewed in the exact same way. As were both turbos and Catalytic converters. Today they are way more reliable than any engine of the past.

There are plenty of Yanmars running turbos that run a long time without any real problems. The rap was high RPM for a diesel. The Audi V12 R-10 TDI turns 5,500 rpm. The power band is between 3 and 5k. They do this for 24 hours at a time. Twin turbos 1.9 Bar boast. Unheard of in Diesel engines.

The point is that they have come a long way on producing diesel engines. The blanket statement that all turbos are not reliable just isn't so in today's market. I agree KISS is not a bad plan but the last thing I'm worried about on my boat is the reliability of my turbo engine.

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