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Originally Posted by Hendo78 View Post
Mate do what you want. Don't ask a forum to make a decision for ya!

Everyone has their options (like I am now) but this is all smoke on the water. No pun intended.

I'm rebuilding a 1958 timber boat as we speak. Well not right now cause I'm typing this but you get my drift lol :-D

Most people think I'm nuts but do I or should I care about that? I mean, there are some wooden boats I wouldn't touch but some I wouldn't hesitate but I have a supportive wife that shares my vision. Passionate, yes. Crazy, not so much.

Don't do it to sell. Do it cause you want to do it and enjoy it.

I've not built a boat before and I'm having a cracker of a time. Sure there's moments i sit back and go WTF am I doing but they pass as quickly as they come.

Ask questions and use google.

I have learnt the best way is to set little goals. If I look at the job as a while it'll do my head in so I look at little jobs collectively to make the big picture

As for this $20k for hull screws, not sure if that's gold plated screws or they are talking about screwing off a Titanic timber replica or not but ive not spent a anywhere near that and my boat is now a 40 footer. The use of standard 316 stainless steel screws will be fine. You can also use silicone bronze if you like but ss screws properly applied and sealed with epoxy will be fine

Like I said earlier. It's your choice, do what you want and if you go ahead with it, post pics. We all love pics :-D

Anyway that's my 2c

For it to be a 1952, it's says it has been refastened in 1994. How much longer till it should be refastened again?
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