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Originally Posted by Tidahapah View Post
Rule of thumb is to haul the boat at least every 12 months to clean the bottom and check for worms (if you are in a worm prone area)
Light wet sand and a coat of antifoul. ( after nearly 20 years of owning and building timber boat I have found the best antifoul for warmer water is International Copper Coat Extra)
If the caulking is in good condition Then only the putty will require a little attention in a few places each haul out.
One can go the way of rakeing out the seams ( getting all the putty out) cleaning them up prime them with sika primer and sika flex a big job but sometimes well worth it.
I have sikaflexed the 2 waterline seams on my own boat and have not had to touch them for over 10 years.

There is also a soft epoxy that can be used on the seams, I am not familar with it myself but it is supposed to be very good.

PS get a VG wooden boat surveyor to check the boat before purchase, it will be money well spent.
Thank you for all your advice
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