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Reality Check

What would be your reason for owning this boat? Older wooden pleasure boats are not for the feint of heart, or the for that mater people with limited resources. The cost of refastening the hull would cost close to $20,000 in screws alone. If YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH THE BEAUTY OF THIS BOAT AND HAVE THE MONEY TO POUR INTO A CLASSIC WOODY , THEN GO FOR IT. If not run as fast as you can. Many older wood boats end up as abandoned projects, cut up and scraped because owners get in way over their heads and can't finish the project. The repairs often exceed the value of the boat in pristine condition. The ideal berth for a wooden boat is in a covered berth resting in salt water in a cool climate. What appears to be a small amount of damage can and often is extensive. A little dry rot here and there can and probably will cost thousands to repair. If the boat is berthed in the sun and weather, you will not be able to keep up with the ongoing maintenance without help. If you were given this boat for free, and it needed to be refastened and had some structural problems you could spend more money and time restoring it to safe operating condition that it would be worth. A wooden Chris of that age will have been refastened at least once maybe twice. The frames will look like pin cushions and the bottom planks may not except more screws. You could end up rebuilding the entire bottom, keel, deadwood, frames, planks and all. If you decide to move forward with this boat you need to have a survey done by a marine surveyor who has extensive experience with wooden ChrisCrafts.
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