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While cruising, I tow. In between cruises, I carry on regular davits from the top of the transom. My dinghy is a 12' RIB with a 40hp outboard. I have had this one for 3 seasons and regret waiting so long to move up. A bigger dinghy is definitely better. as psneeld already mentioned, having a pickup along wherever you go is a great benefit. The only reasonable way to get this big a dinghy (750 lb) out of the water on my boat is with regular davits. Mine were not strong enough when I bought the boat, but over the years have been beefed up with the addition of braces that transfer some of the load to the transom from the bulwarks. The three part tackle has been increased to a 4 part, and I keep the rope winches well maintained for hoisting. All good, as when hoisted, the dinghy is secure; when I need it in the water, launch time is under 5 minutes; it tows well; most important, the wife doesn't get splashed, even at 20mph.
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