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The thing that's ironic here Eric, is that you use the word "design" as a thing (noun) every time you write about how it's a process (verb). So you break your own rule every time you tell me about your rule. And SomeSailor is doing the exact same thing.

Forget trying to win the argument, just look up the definition of the word and analyze all the different aspects of it for yourself.

The beauty of the designs of a Ferrari, Aston Martin, even a Boeing, are subjective in that some people will like them and some won''t. As such these designs are "things" (noun) which are the end result of the design "process" (verb).

The airplane not so much, however, as I said earlier, because so much of its design is dictated by laws of aerodynamics, physics, etc. So even if a design of a particular aspect of the plane is not so pretty it may be necessary because of what that part of the plane needs to do aerodynamically, structurally, etc. But there is still plenty of room for subjective, aesthetic design in an airplane.
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