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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
...but I don't think Marin was suggesting those of us that displace less that 30000lbs don't belong here. I'm half that and I know Marin thinks I'm a full fledged trawlerman and my boat Willy at 16000lbs is a full fledged trawler. Marin was frustrated but my comments about not needing 60hp for a get home engine. Marin's right. Most of us are 30K to 45Klbs and all the rest of us to some degree are on the fringe.
Eric is correct. His "small trawler" has twice the seaworthiness of our GB and Eric himself has more boating experience than I will chalk up in my lifetime. I could care less how heavy or large or small or light someone's boat is. Our other boat is a 17' Arima that weighs somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds depending on what's in it at the time, and I don't think of it as any less of a boat than our 30,000 pound GB.

My only point was that people were talking about a 9.9 outboard as though it was the ultimate get-home engine for a "trawler," and this is total crap. It might be an acceptable get home engine for a smaller boat, or even a smaller cruiser. But it's not going to work on our boat, it's not going to work on Tom's even larger boat, and it's not going to work on Carl's way larger boat. In that respect, the experience of folks who use low-powered outboards as get-home engines on their smaller or lighter boats is irrelevant to those of us with larger and heavier boats.

When we said that for larger boats like ours you'd need a pretty powerful and heavy outboard to be a viable get-home-engine, Tom and I were refuted by the folks who seem to think a 10 hp motor is going to cut it across the board. It won't, it hasn't, and it never will. Physics and some other sciences make it impossible.

As to who belongs here and who doesn't, the term "trawler" is totally meaningless with regards to defining a recreational boat. So as far as I'm concerned some guy with a 12' john boat he uses to go duck hunting with in a swamp is as eligible to participate in this forum as the skipper of a 1,000' tanker who for some perverse reason is interested in what we toy boat owners have to say. In the marketing hype definition of "trawler," the john boat and the tanker all fit the description as well as our boat as far as I'm concerned.
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