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This weekend just passed, we took our Lotus out for an overnighter. Wow, how did we let it get so long. Anyway, pleasant as it was, I fished, and fished, and fished. I trolled, (instead of trawled), I used lures..I jigged...I popped..nothing. However, and I still don't know how, all I caught was somehow one line got tangled in the blades of my AirBreeze wind turbine genny, and I had to cut it free. Not when I cast it, no - it had been out a while and in a rod holder, that's the amazing part, how the line got up there round the blades I'll never know - maybe a seagull...? No trawler had worse luck fishing than mine, so I tell people who ask, "I have a trawler style coastal cruiser, but we don't go up the coast much, we stay in the bay, so if you like you could call it Bay Cruiser."
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