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"As Tom said, this isn't Small Boat Forum. The boats most of us have range from 30,000 to over 100,000 pounds with a fair amount of windage. What works for a fellow with a Grady White sportfish boat or a little Marben cruiser is of no relevance to me or Tom or anyone with similar or larger, heavier boats. I daresay Carl (Delfin) would not have a whole lot of success trying to get his boat to safety in the midst of stormy weather with a 9.9 hp outboard mounted on his stern.
C. Marin Faure

Perhaps this is the source of Al's frustration. If so I can see why he took it as he appeared to but I don't think Marin was suggesting those of us that displace less that 30000lbs don't belong here. I'm half that and I know Marin thinks I'm a full fledged trawlerman and my boat Willy at 16000lbs is a full fledged trawler. Marin was frustrated but my comments about not needing 60hp for a get home engine. Marin's right. Most of us are 30K to 45Klbs and all the rest of us to some degree are on the fringe.

I'm on the fringe and when I post I need to be constantly aware that most of those I'm talking to have bigger boats than me and I can easily drift off into a rather irrelevant post. For example I anchor mostly by hand and pack my anchors away here and there on the boat while most all here have anchors stuck out on the bow for convenience because of the high weight of the anchors.

Some think the OB Sea Dory is a trawler (I don't) but Sea Dory skippers are welcome here and should feel practically as belonging as most everyone else. There are people here that don't even have a boat of any kind. WAY beyond boats we're a forum. And a forum is for talk. If the owner of a small OB boat has something to say and it's worthwhile let him (or even her) say it and be judged by what he says and how he says it .... certainly NOT by how big a boat he has.


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