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Hey Al, never saw a 27' Marben until googling it just now. Dang purdy boats that show heaps of west coast commercial troller / gillnetter heritage.

I've got a story to tell about why the size of a persons boat doesn't matter.

My wife and I had sea kayaked from Kitimat and were eating lunch in Lund, on the mainland across from Campbell River, BC, and we started talking to some American commercial fishermen who were heading to Alaska.

When they found out we were kayakers, they kind of dismissed us, but when they found out where we had come from and had rounded Cape Caution, had been through Seymour Narrows, and had spent two months in the winter on the north coast, we were invited to join them for lunch. They respected us, because they knew we had 'walked the walk', despite how small our boats were.

Paddling out the next day we saw a motor launch from a HUGE yacht with two poor fellows in white sailor suits with blue trim...yup...and the stupid beanie sailor hat thingies. In the launch with them were the owners of the yacht; she immaculate with a Big-as-Texas hairdo about a foot high, him with white pants, white shirt, and a powder blue sweater tied around his neck, and heroically poised in the bow was their pure white, clipped in perfect spheres all over its body standard poodle. They couldn't have been bothered to even glance in our direction.

I'm glad we met the commercial fishermen.
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