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"When away from the dock how would you heat your boat?"

The question really is how do you heat the boat with out electric.

The Dickinson line of diesel fired ranges put out about 20,000 btu with zero electric.

The Dickinson Antarctic and other brands of floor mounted heaters can be installed in other spaces that do not connect well with the galley area.

Yes each will need a 3 or 4 inch exhaust , a water deck iron, and a smoke head .

The H style has worked best for most folks (I used to be a dealer).

Do not purchase ANY brand that uses a pressurized tank and a modified Primus burner, these are excellent for stoves/ovens , but never for days of unattended operation.

We installed a unit that in mild NYC (normally +20'sF at night, occasionally -10F with excellent results .
Lived aboard with this and other heating systems for 23 years.

The Dickinson was mostly used dockside , but in winter ice storms 5- 10 days with out marina power did happen , enough that the ZERO electric concept proved worthwhile.

IF your in a blacked out marina , expect plenty of frozen guests!

The boat shown has both a Dickinson Range , as well as a propane gimboled Hiller Range , in FL the Dickinson gets a cover and is simply more counter space.
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