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"It comes with a coil in the fire box to make it hydronic."

It will take the 7 turn coil to produce much heat the 1 or 2 turn coils are for domestic hot water..

The modern Euro high efficiency baseboard will be required as the system will be at fairly low temperatures.

Out hydronic runs 135F , so there is loads of (old style) baseboard

I figure anything that catches the heat before it go's out the stack has got to be a good thing.

So install a longer stack inside , or blow a fan at the stack to steal some more heat.

Most boats do not have 1/10 the insulation under the flooring required to work with floor resistance heat.

A different concept would be one of the new mini split air cond , that return 4X or 5X the heat per amp .

I your marina charges for electric , a mini split could reduce your winter electric bill from $200 a month with toaster wire heat down to $50. lots easier to live with.

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