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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
My wife and I MOB drills a couple of times a summer. I'll toss a fender over the side and tell her we have a MOB, then sit back and see what she does. She's not real comfortable with boat handling yet, but getting there. She's OK with bringing the boat back to the MOB but still struggles with where to position the boat so the current doesn't just float her away from the fender.

Her level of competence (and confidence) with the boat handling is growing quickly and I suspect by next summer she'll be able to retrieve the MOB quickly.
Helping the admiral gain confidence in a crisis is the best reason for doing drills, and I really commend you for having the discipline to repeat the process. I'm inspired and will try to do the same with my admiral - she deserves it.

Incidentally, having dragged a half lifeless body on board I can attest that the hardest part is that lifting 175# of uncooperative human is really, really difficult to do, and not something that can be done by most females I know. Well, maybe Rosanne Barr, but no normal human female. That is hard to drill for, but some kind of system for dragging someone on board using mechanical means is absolutely necessary if a life is to be saved rather than a body conveniently tethered so it can be retrieved later.
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