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I can not answer your question.

As has been stated here many times before when you are dealing with boats of a certain age it is much more important, in general, to evaluate how the boat was maintained rather than who was the builder.

Mr. DeFever refers to the DeFever 38, built in wood by the Oriental Boat Co. in Japan, the Jensen DeFever PassageMaker 40 , and the Blue Water DeFever 41 as the “38". There are more of these 3 boats around than all of the other DeFever designs combined.

I’ve never seen a wood 38, but I have seen a lot of the 41's. I’ve never seen a 40 other than my own.

I have rafted to several 41's - they are exactly the same size as my 40. The difference between the two is that the Jensen 40 has a radius chine, and the 41 has a sharp chine.

If you come across a boat listing for a DeFever PassageMaker 40, and it has a sharp chine, then you are being lied to. There are a couple of liars on Yachtworld now. I would never trust a broker.

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