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Originally Posted by Art View Post
G Damn Matt - You're Simply an Fn' WILD Man!!

I'm always warning boaters to not take on an ol' woody needing restoration due to maybe more work than they figured on... NOW... I'll be warning the woody boats themselves to not take you on due to them being ripped stem to stern quicker than a flash! Hope the repair needing wooden boats take heed of this thread! - LOL

Get it on man! I look forward to see final outcome. Respectfully to the recent disaster and with love in me heart to all those who'd been aboard I say the following... Sh*t, man lets raise the recently sunk tall mast square sail Bounty! --- With you commissioned she'd be back up and sailing sooner rather than later!

Happy Boating Daze! - Art
Hahahahahahahaha cheers for the comment mate! :-D ... She's quite the project isn't she?!

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