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Originally Posted by Portuguese View Post
As time goes by I am getting more and more impressed with the power of Marketing. Today, everybody talks about the big evil that represents a wooden boat as this was a curse from the devil. Almost everybody, specially the plastic advocates, run from a wooden boat as the devil runs from the cross. The boat in question was originally made in 1914, meaning she is 98 years old.
I would like to be here to see a 98 years old fiberglass boat.


I hear you mate I do like wooden boats but that 98 yo old girl is just to much boat for my needs, otherwise I would love to own her.
Now don't faint but the motor/sailors I have my eye on are...Ferro-Cement and so many folk run faster from FC boats than they do from wooden boats. I guess they forget...A well built boat, in any material, is still a well built boat...Like yours, she a beaut
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