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1914 Trawler Update

Thanks for your offer of help Hendo, much appreciated mate but I think I'll give the old girl a miss, she's just so much more boat than my needs, which is one man and his dog living aboard full time, plus a couple of fishing buddies seeking a free fishing holiday for a week or so at times. Mostly it would be just me and the dog, laying at anchor somewhere on the Ozzie coast, NZ or SE Asia if the mood took me.

Benn, she really is a beaut boat, I did think, if I bought that old girl, I could remove the flying bridge but...The broker informs me...Quote: The Previous owner was an engineer who owned her for 40 years and designed and built her beautifully. End Quote...If the PO is anything like myself, then I bet he built the fly-bridge real strong and it could be a major project to remove the fly-bridge and make good the saloon roof once the bridge was removed...That could be just too much work for this old codger.

As I have said in an earlier post, I have my eye on a couple of motor-sailors in New Zealand and, depending how things go here at home, I could well end-up going after one of those boats. We Ozzie’s can live in NZ as long as we like and, as far as I know, we can own a car, house/home or boat in NZ...Just as Kiwi's can here in Oz. I would fly back to Oz when I had to or, I could spend the summer in NZ and return to AU with the boat to winter over in QLD.
One of the boats, motor/sailors, I have my eye on is a 13.1m 1975 English Fisher Motor-sailor, from her pictures and sales information, she needs a little tidying up but that's all. Anyway, I'm still not ready to make a move on any boat so perhaps it would be better I stopped bothering you blokes with my questions...Till I'm ready to make my move.

Thanks to everyone for your advice, it's most appreciated.

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