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Originally Posted by kando View Post
The designer/builder of the vessel was Mr A.E. Tilly, he was a son of Mr James Tilly of Hobart, Tasmania, a boat/ship designer/builder of the firm, Tilly & Williams Ship Builders of Tasmania. Alfred Ernest Tilly, the designer/builder of the yacht I'm talking about, died at the age of 65 in Fremantle, West Australia.

Mr A.E. Tilly, after moving to SA, started the boat & ship building company, A.E. Tilly, in 1908.
The firm grew to quite a large size and was recognised for it's craftsmanship in boat/ship design/ building. In addition to the construction of ocean going steamers, Mr Tilly was responsible for most of the motor-boats of Fremantle and Perth of the day.

So the old girl came from a highly regarded boat/ship design/builder, who's family were also well respected Tasmanian boat/ship designer/builders, Mr Tilly started his life in boat/ship design/building in Tasmania, that could explain why, to me, the boat on offer looks like the hull of a Tasmanian Sharpie Cray boat and, looking at the original boat today, it looks to me like Mr Tilly was well ahead of his time in the boat design/building department.

As this boat was designed and built in West Oz, it could be built from Western Jarrah but as it was built 98 years ago, 1914, it may be built using Huon Pine...I don't know.

That's all the information I've found on the designer/builder and I got that information from the net, not the broker/seller, so what do you think, is the broker asking to much, $90,000au, for this 98 year old boat? If so, what, in your opinion, do you think would be a realistic price for the boat?

Thanks again for your views mates.

$90k seems a bit much to me. A lot will depend on how long it has been on the market and the degree to which the owner wants to sell. Were it me, I'd steer towards $50k - $60k but only after a thorough survey to determine how much, if any, reconstruction is needed. Selling wooden boats is not easy to do, as it takes a special person to see the point. And there is one....
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