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Originally Posted by kando View Post
Can any of you Timber boat lovers give me any advice on a old, 1914, Aussie built from hardwood timber trawler/cruiser? It looks to be very well cared for and in great shape but I'm not sure if the asking price is sound or...Is the broker dreaming?
The old girl can be seen here
The broker states on another sales page on Gumtree: Quote.
Powered by 150 Hp 6 cyl Kelvin Deisel. Cruising Speed 12 knots will do 14 knts. 2 Gallons per hr. Unbeleivable Fuel Efficiency.

Anyway, I thought I would seek advice from some of you blokes who have much more experence than I in old timber boats.

Thanking you in advance for your advice.

Kelvins are very cool engines. At that horsepower, I assume it is a 6 cylinder, as they just bolted 50 hp, 2 cylinder blocks together to get what output they are looking for. I believe you can still get parts for these, and there is a Kelvin owners group still active in the UK. It would be nice to know the kind of Eucalyptus the hull is made of - however, most gum is incredibly rot resistant and basically as hard as steel. One thing to understand is how she is fastened. Wood, especially gum, will last for a really long time but the fastenings may not. She could be refastened if necessary, but getting the old fasteners out of that kind of wood could be quite a project. I'm kind of amazed at how modern she looks, given her age, although I don't quite fancy her crossing the Bight on her way to Tas....

The only advice I can give is that you better love taking care of stuff, because all boats are projects, and wood boats are projects squared.
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