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"Now please tell me what makes this LRC NOT, a blue water boat?"

Every aspect of a boat must be created / selected from the start to create a true Blue water boat.

As a start the deck and the house is seldom strong enough for a wave to climb aboard.
Sure the windows can be reinforced , but hard to beef up what the windows are built into.
Or what the deck house is fastened to.

Fuel tanks will be far larger , water too, storage space will be a larger % of the boat , not empty space.

There will be hand holds so occupants NEVER have to move about with out one being used.

The engine and transmission will frequently come from a big truck or industrial source not an auto or farm implement supply.

Old boats will frequently have a robust enough hull lay up, but the rest is too expensive to change , for Offshore.

However lots of folks have used a commercial weather services and TIME TIME TIME to get from A to B, with an ocean to cross, to lower the risks.
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