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Wreck of the Fedra

Its not a trawler but some may find it interesting. I'm the captain of the ocean going salvage tug, " Atlantic Salvor". It is 7200 Hp, 151' and 22 foot draft loaded.
We are currently doing a wreck (ship) removal job in Gibraltar. The Fedra dragged anchor and went hard aground and broke up last year. The company i work for is Don Jon marine in Hillside N.J
We were awarded the stern section removal last May. I towed the crane barge "Columbia" and "Witte 1404" from N.Y to Gibraltar . Our orders were to keep the Columbia in 10 foot seas or less. As you know this is not an easy task. We left on May 22 with 242,000 gallons fuel,15000 gallons fresh water, 2400 gallons of lube oil.
We arrived in Gibraltar on June 8 with 161,000 fuel, 7000 water and 2100 lube.
Our draft went from 22' to around 18' if I remember correctly. Most of the trip was made at 8.5-9 Kts. running the main engines at 850 RPM's
We wiggled around several lows in the atlantic, and never saw above 8' seas. We did have to slow and "jog" for about 8 hours to let a low sort itself out.
Once we arrived , the new challenge has been to place* barges up under cliffs in an exposed location to get to work. The starboard side of the wreck had 23 feet of water.
My first time bringing the barge alongside the wreck was "eventful". As we approached , the barge is moving up and down in a long slow swell. The stern line parted(8 inch polydac doubled). we got another stern line up and landed the barge
to the remains. Then we run 2 10 ton anchors off of the outside corners* of the barge. The barge crew tightens up on the wires so the barge sits off of the ship slightly. We then bring in the other barge when needed to place scrap steel on.
Because of the exposed local, we have to frequently bring the barges into the harbor at night.
The tug crew schedule has been 7 weeks off and 7 weeks on- for this job only(because of the company paid travel). Needless to say my nerves are frayed after 7 weeks of this fun. As I write this , it is 0640 Gibraltar time. 0040 on the east coast. I get off on Oct 2 and fly to St Augustine Fl fo 7 weeks off. The job should be finished (WX permitting) by around 2 week in Oct. The other crew will tow back to NY. Then we will be back to our usual schedule of 4 weeks on/off.
You can see pictures at*** Sorry if I rambled
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