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Originally Posted by HopCar View Post
I replaced it with the new spare. The new one didn't work either!
If it sat on the boat for 30+ years without being inspected or serviced then it probably failed many years ago. Those things are not packed for long term storage like military machinery parts that will probably be good as new when the pyramids are gone. Use 'em or lose 'em.

I have a new spare fuel pump but now I'm wondering if I should replace the spare. It's twenty years old.
See above. Don't replace it though, send it to an injection shop for testing and calibration. When you get it back, either install it or vacuum pack it for proper long term storage. If you install it, have the old one tested and store it properly. Those things are "rotable" spares.

I knew it was going bad but delayed changing it.
Ah, the rest of the story ... most machinery will tell you it needs attention. Do what it tells you and you won't be worrying like this.
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