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Originally Posted by jann View Post
I have a 2005 30ft mainship pilot. The small 1" by 2" AC analog type volt meter on my electrical panel failed. I looked all over, but can't find a replacement. My friend has a 2005 34ft trawler and he has the same meter. So it must be a common mainship Item.
Can anyone tell me where I can get a meter.
Mainship didn't manufacture the meter, they just installed it on the boat. Look carefully, and you will probably see a manufacturer's name or logo on it, either on the face or on the back.

That said, if you're measuring 120 volts AC, all you really need is a replacement with the same range that will fit the same hole. A good electronics supply vendor (not Radio Shack) will be able to help you.

A marine electrician can replace your meter also if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Remember to unplug the shore power and turn off any inverter or genset before you start working on this.
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