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A Great Tender

We anchored off Port Townsend, WA for the annual Wooden Boat Festival a couple weeks ago. As usual, a great show, most especially the "Sail By" event where classic schooners up to 125 feet long as well as pretty much anything else with a sail cruises back and forth through the anchorage in the afternoon winds. Really cool.

One thing I came across that really appealed to me was a new kit for a tender from PT Watercraft. This is an 11 foot nesting tender that can be outfitted with a carbon fiber mast and boom for sailing, rows like a banshee, and will take a 2 hp motor. CNC panels are stitch and glued and epoxy glassed, making a sturdy hull that weighs 85 pounds assembled, with each section weighing about half that. Nested, the package measures about 6.5' long, 4.5' wide and 18" tall, so it will fit in a lot of places other tenders wouldn't. I was so impressed with it, especially after I saw one sailing by at about 5 knots during the Sail By event, that I am trying to decide whether to sell the Whitehall I built and buy one of these. Again, it is a kit, it is not cheap, but it is a very cool boat that would, IMHO, make an ideal tender for many cruisers. Lots of video links on the website.

Port Townsend Watercraft?s Nesting Dinghies
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