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Jann, I posted the following on CL, naturally it was immediately flagged. I cannot recommend Fred Salrin highly enough. You just don't find businesses like this anymore hardly. Tell him the guy in Cape Coral who needed a capacitor and relay that he helped troubleshoot over the phone sent you! He is in NAPLES. If you want some particulars PM me.
I included a link at the bottom.

This is not a for sale ad, but please don't flag as it has very valuable information. I have been without A/C on my trawler for 8 months or so, because the repair was just so expensive (new compressor, install, service was going to be 13-1500!) I'm not rich so to me this was a lot of money, but trying to overnight was miserable. I began trying to get some prices from Cruisair and they steered me to a company in Cape Coral. Their receptionist was down right rude and even hung up on me when I told her I didn't want to go through all her personal questions all I was doing was asking for some prices of parts and service rates. I called Cruisair back and was given a couple more service centers, Salrin marine is one of them. Not only did they give me some ballpark figures (they are inline with others in the area so no big bargain there), I actually spoke with the owner and he took the time to help me trouble shoot on the phone, direct me to some local places to buy parts AND figured out that I didn't need a compressor, all I needed were some electrical components that I could change for less than $75!!!! I have NO interest in Mr. Salrin's business other than hoping to shunt some business his way so that next time I need some A/C work hopefully they will still be around. He could have just been congenial, and gotten my business, charged me for new major components, made a tidy profit, and I'd have never been the wiser. However the way he dealt with my issue prompted me to send him some public kudos. Kirstine and Fred do things the old fashioned way and I really appreciated it. Here's a link to them, if you have a boat with air conditioning I recommend printing this out and putting it with your other boat system papers.

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