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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
Where did you get the impression Willards were made of wood? Nary a one. They are all plastic like your Tolly. And what on earth is a "Twatler"? That's right Art you can call your mighty fine Tollycraft cruiser whatever you wish but if you don't like cruisers why do you have one. If I were you I'd probably lean toward being proud of what my boat is. By the way there WAS a Tollycraft that tried a little bit to be a trawler. An earlier plywood boat that had her wheelhouse way fwd. There was one in LaConner some time ago. I really liked that boat (38' I think) but your "boat" is much better looking. But if you have a picture of one of those Trawlycraft cruisers I'd like another look.

Auscan, Deflin and Art,
So if I read Chapman's enough I could round the Horn w my 26' 1966 plywood Sabrecraft light cruiser. I disagree. I think, generally speaking that full disp boats are more or much more seaworthy than planing boats. Planing boats MUST be light and light is at a big disadvantage in really big stuff. The shape of planing boats at both ends is either not good or bad for being on big waves. A light structure is light and a planing boat needs flat surfaces to plane well and flat surfaces are weak. And a boat using it's speed to run for shelter is showing all the world it's seaworthyness is in question. A seaworthy boat will have a relatively rounded hull shape and greater weight with it's greater strength.
Eric - to your items bolded above:

Don't remember saying Willards are wood?? Matter o' fact I did not know their build-out materials so I would not have conjectured - I think?

I have clear close-up pict of Tolly you mention, but can’t get it to downsize to attach here... PM me your email and I’ll send you the pict. Also visit for more descriptions of many models Tollycraft. Punch up the 1977 and 1978 pages off that page to see the 37’ so called Trawler and 37’ so called Long Range Cruiser, respectively. That model was discontinued from lack sales of due to lack of interest by Captains as well as general boat owners.

Our low center of gravity Tolly 34' weighs 17,000 lbs dry and approx 21,000 fully loaded - you feel that's light?? Well... maybe you feel that way because Tolly does not need 1,000's of extra pounds ballast in order for it to perform!

Although you have a nice D hull boat – May I suggest getting a nice P hull next time. Live life!!! Well designed P hull boating is fun too!
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