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It's one of the most interesting boats I've ever seen from a design and engineering point of view. One of the most interesting features is the shape of the trailing edge of the keel and the keel is not lacking in intrigue either. The keel is big and and integral part of the hull. The next part IS the most unique part. Almost ALL of the engine is down INSIDE the keel. The propeller shaft is horizontal. The boat runs beautifully at about 10 or 12 knots and will cruise at 15 all day. It's kinda like a torpedo attached to the bottom of a boat.
Next ... const. A true sandwich hull. FG/1" Douglass Fir/FG. It's very strong and light and efficient. You'll need to find someone who can determine if there's any rot in the Fir core. Check the cabin and decks.
All the above is re my 29 Express and there are other models. Some or one is a double end motorsailer about 33'. FF would LOVE that one. It does 18 knots.
I'd probably love to have my Sumnercraft back.
Good luck on what you find.
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