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Bio problems that I know of.

1)It can gel in temps as high as 50 degrees depending on what the bio is derived from.

2)Engines usually require a straight diesel header tank to start and warm the bio fuel through a liquid to liquid coil inside the tank(s).

3)Tank(s) either need to be replaced,or modified,to accept the previously mentioned liquid to liquid warming coil.Old tanks will need to be cleaned out.Bio will break down sludge an clog filters.

4)Filtration on the bio tanks will need to be compatible with bio.

5)Older rubber fuel lines will need to be replaced.Some fuel lines have a tendency to become soft and collapse under the suction of the injection pump's lift pump.This is prone to auto installs,so marine application maybe different.I should note that this is on vehicles running standard fuel hose not fuel injection rated hose.

This the only issues I have noticed from my friends installs on their off road trucks and older cars.I am planning to run a VW based I/O in my boat with a bio tank.Locally I have access to enough veggie oil to run straight waste veggie oil.It's basically run through a system similar to a fuel polisher.

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