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I lost a piece of teak veneer about 4 X 6 ft. in my companionway when the cold water side of my shower hose popped off and pumped a portion of the wall full of water. I was off the boat for 30 hours, and that's when it happened. I tried my best to match the teak, but there was a pattern along the companionway that was impossible to match. I settled for a custom framed fiberglass mirror that simply reflects the teak around it and didn't change the feel or look of the area.

I don't know how large the pieces are that are damaged in your boat, or, how much teak you have there, but if you can get close to matching the tone of the old teak, you might want to take the opportunity to replace sections large enough to give some kind of uniform look. The other idea is to use whatever other materials are present to frame customs lights, switches, panels, duct grilles, or whatever else you can think of.

Matching teak can be done, but matching an installed panel that age is nearly impossible. 1/4" teak veneer plywood is available locally here in Miami for 99 bucks per sheet, and teak veneer in large rolls can often be found in most large custom lumber yards. A good carpenter can play with different stains for the tone and finish.
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