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Biodiesel Fuel

I was reading a magazine the other night and I came upon an article on biodiesel for boats. The author seemed to think that biodiesel, at least blends, was the marine fuel of the future. This was fuel made from soy beans, not recycled restaurant frying grease. When I put the magazine down, I noticed that it was several years old.

I haven't seen biodiesel advertised in my area, either for marine use or vehicle use so it appears it hasn't taken the industry by storm as the author predicted.

There was a study published that I read somewhere that rated a 2% addition of biodiesel to standard diesel fuel as one of the best diesel fuel additives available.

So the question is, has anybody seen biodiesel blends in their area? Is anybody on this forum actually using a biodiesel blend in his or her boat? If so, any improvements, changes, or problems associated with biodiesel?
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