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RE: Deere 4045 Industrial/ZF repower under $10K

"Flowscans are more expensive than fuel."

Hmmmm...... let's try some math on that statement. You stated that you've gone 150,000 miles and you get 5.5 miles per gallon. That usage used 27272 gallons of fuel.

If you could add just one tenth of a mile per gallon, go from 5.5 to 5.6 miles per gallon would it be worth an $800.00 FloScan? If you go on the new set up the same 150,000 miles at 5.6 MPG you will save 486 gallons. At $4.50 per gallon You'll save $2,188.00. That's real close to 3 times the cost of the FloScan.

That does not take into account being able to know when a partially clogged injector is costing you more fuel usage for the same RPM, or other benefits.

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