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All 4 of those are studs,as I found out when I removed mine. Sorry the pic did not come thru. Good luck.

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I would just weld up a new one. All the parts/flanges are available as stock items. I like SS but plain steel would work just fine. All in would cost me less than $100. But, a good welder has to make a living so factor that in (supposing you dont weld).

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Replacement pieces from National Marine Exhaust.

Clearly visible in the last pic is the soot from my battles with leaking exhaust. Hopefully done with that after the last gasket was replaced. Pic #1 & 3 show a flange that appears to have been salvaged from the old riser. I don't know why it was used.
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Sorry for dropping off the map, but work has gotten crazy busy.

Kulas, I am going to build my own. Have a new set (2) of stainless flanges with a shim gasket. 1 for the old stainless wet riser which will have to be cut and welded anyway, the 2nd for the outlet side of the 90% short radius elbow. This way the match perfectly.

I just today was able to get the old flange off the turbo. What a chore after 30 years of use!. 1 nut came off reasonably easy, 1 nut had to be cut with a hacksaw and the last 2 has to use a chisel. Now, need to find the turbo flange. Old one not serviceable nor any part of the assembly. It is square, 4 bolt type, 3" tube and the mounting holes, if measured diagonally (between 2 mounting holes) measure 4 3/4".

What I found curious was the system is made of 3" tube, but the exhaust port on the turbo is quite small. Not able to measure today, but guessing just over 2-1/4" diameter. The steel shim gasket was 3" and the size difference left a large carbon ring between the gaskets 3" diameter and the turbo housing.

If anyone has a lead on the 4 bolt flange, let me know. I have a few emails out to turbo exhaust companies for assistance.
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Kulas44, Where did you, or where did you find the new flange that bolts onto the turbo? I have scoured the internet and cannot find one large enough. If I measure diagonally, between 2 holes, the spacing is 4 3/4". The spacing bewteew the 2 closest holes is 3 3/8". 3" center outlet.
If I cannot locate one, I will have to have one made.

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