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Hi Gerald,

The Hatteras website under Samsmarine.com has a Hatteras For Sale section that you should explore. In the past, I've seen Hatt 48 LRC's for sale and there may be a couple on there now. Boats are not selling fast so you should even look at older ads. Go to Samsmarine.com and click on Owners Forum and then scroll down to the For Sale section.

Good luck.


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Sorry folks,but my post has nothing to do with purchasing the hatteras.It is GWkwi that is looking.We both have the same first anme,but i am the one getting the PM"s.

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I'm new to this website, but I just got your reply emailed to me. I think that (maybe) once we reply in a thread, we get all the other replies also. I may be wrong and I'm trying to figure out how to manage my participation.
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tinped and Karl-FL the following link should help you

Email notification of subscribed threads

Welcome to the forum.
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Originally Posted by gwkiwi View Post
My wife and I are looking for a new boat and she really likes my firends Hatteras 48 LRC.

If you know of one of these oldies but goodies for sale that is currently not on "Yachtworld" etc please shoot me an email.

These boats come with a variety of power plants and in a variety of condition. We are looking for a solid boat in good condition to very good condition for a fair cash price anywhere in the US considered.

Let me know if you hear of any that may fit our needs.

thanks Gerald
Hi Gerald take a look at my new listing here on the 50 footer my price is neg ,,
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Hi all, a bit new here but felt I needed to get in this conversation since Playpen is the LRC the wife and I bought a little more than a year ago and I noticed it was mentioned as an overpriced vessel. First, yes we paid more for our LRC than others on the market, but not the $350 asking price. Second, if you haven't stepped onto a 48 LRC with a nearly 10 foot long cockpit it may be hard to truly understand, the extension to 53 feet was done by Hardgrave in Washington state. Finally, the previous owner took excellent care of our boat by rebidding windows before they leaked, by running 2 micron filters in all racors and closely monitoring pressure, hauling the boat at least every two years to inspect and paint the hull and gear, and I can go on and on. Not sure who said you can always get one really cheap but we are glad to have our Belle. First time we drove the boat was an 800 + mile, 21 day trip to bring her home. Flawless operation except for self inflected water and inverter issues. We looked for quite some time for a trawler and knowing the LRC's we could not believe our eyes when we found this 48 stretched to 53-foot beauty. If you are wondering about what trawler to buy - the LRC's are floating bowling balls that can safely take you just about anywhere. The previous owner had her 28 years, took her to every state you can get a boat of this size to except Hawaii. Even a trip to Bermuda. I may be preaching to the choir here (remember I'm new to this forum) but what other 1978 boat can you actually have a phone conversation with the guy who engineered the electrical system? American made, tough as nails, the Detroit 4 53 motor's big brother (6 71's) saved our butts in WWII and they just keep on going. We are happy as hell to have her and look forward to meeting more LRC'ers in the coming months and years.
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Originally Posted by BelleAurore View Post
Hi all, a bit new here but felt I needed to get in this conversation since Playpen is the LRC the wife and I bought a little more than a year ago
So, you're the ones that bought Playpen!

From the photos that is a fine looking boat!

When we went boat shopping one of the boats we really wanted to consider was a 48 LRC. The problem was that the last really nice LRC for sale on the west coast was bought by a friend (and TF member) about a year prior.

If Playpen would have been on the west coast we would have loved to look at her. I hope you get as much use out of her as the previous owner.

BTW, I never thought she was really over priced, at least not from the photos and description. The one my friend bought was originally listed for $335K if memory is correct.
Kevin Sanders
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If you're still in the market for a 48 Hatteras LRC, we've just posted ours for sale; M/V Outback. We have an open listing with Frank Gordon, however we can sell her on our own. She's listed for $284,900.

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