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getting closer [retirement]

Can anyone tell me what is involved in a Canadian citizen purchasing a US reg pleasure vessel and [a] keeping it in US or taking it back to Canada ie taxes , import fees etc etc. Thanks

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I'm a Canadian and I've owned boats on both sides of the border. You can't continue US Documentation, but no issues with state registration that I'm aware of. You can't bring a boat you own into Canada without declaring it and paying HST (or applicable GST and PST) on entry, regardless of where it is registered/licensed.

I bought a trawler in the US last fall and immediately registered it in Canada. When I entered Canada in the spring I paid the HST. No issues. It's easier than bring a car or trailer in. If the boat was built in North America there are no duties.


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Thanks Jeff - we too were wondering about the process. We live in Canada and would prefer to buy a boat in Canada (not too anxious to pay the exchange) BUT we are looking at tugs and trawlers and there is a ton more inventory in the states.

We are thinking about the loop -- so am I to understand that when we buy it in the US we only have to pay the HST when doing the Canadian portion - is there an issue when we head back down to the US to do the rest of the US portion?
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