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Caribbean charts and guidebooks; not current Ref; only

Here's the inventory:

-- Eastern Caribbean (approx 108 charts, color, including some

-- Western Caribbean: Colombia to Belize (47, b&w copies)

-- Charleston to Straits of Florida, including Cuba (54, color or mostly color; includes next two groups)

-- Mexico Gulf Coast to Yucatan Channel

-- Bahamas and Bermuda

-- South America North and Northeast Coasts, including Trinidad, Tobago, and the Leeward Islands (43, mostly or all b&w copies)

-- Central Caribbean: Caymans, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic (67, b&w copies, plus 27 color Cuba charts in two chart books)

So that all adds up to 346 charts, give or take a few (I might have miscounted here and there).

These books are far from current but the basic information won't have changed; I'll gladly include them with the charts if you want them as well:

-- '99-'00 Virgin Islands 9th ed. (Scott)

-- Gentleman's Guide to Passages South: The Thornless Path to Windward (Van Sant). I've not used this book myself -- I came through the Canal, not down the eastern seaboard -- but I'm told that while the author is rather a crusty and difficult fellow the advice in the book is spot on.

-- '97 Venezuela and Bonaire (Doyle and Fisher) (this one is especially likely to be less than useful because while Bonaire is still popular, Venezuela has changed tremendously in the last five years or so; most cruisers there have left and most others new to the Caribbean steer clear)

-- '03-'04 Sailor's Guide to the Windward Islands 11th ed. (Doyle)

-- '98-'99 Leeward Islands 5th ed. (Doyle)

-- '01 Trinidad and Tobago, plus Barbados (Doyle and Fisher)

-- '95-'96 Cuba 1st ed. (Charles)

-- '79 Florida Keys 2nd ed. (Papy)

-- Rough Guide to the Bahamas, 1st ed., 2003. This isn't a cruising/sailing guide but a travel guide for land travel. The Rough guides are one of my two favorites for travel guides (Footprint is the other; am not a fan of Lonely Planet).

Asking; $350.00 USD

NOTE: Out of date Classics for back-up or wallpapering ďvery nice for a nautical library or Yacht Nav Cabinet Draws Ē

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You might want to sell the Gentlemans Guide separately.
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Thanks Capt. Bill didn't know guide would bring more but I placed a price and will sell at that "gems are found in odd places" but what I asked is what I will accept! These charts are in good to above average to excellent condition "weigh about 8 lbs." so shipping will have to be extra should have mentioned that sorry... not for Navigation but reference and simply the beauty of them...
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