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Want To Buy Trailerable Trawler

I am looking for a trailerable trawler- like a Nimble Nomad. I am willing to consider project boats and to travel within a few hundred miles of Massachusetts to get the right boat. I don't have a ton of $ to spend, but have the patience to bring something back to life.

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For what it is is cheaper, much, much cheaper to let someone else do the life saving.

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Rosboroughs also come in a couple sizes that are trailerable and are a decent boat IMO.

1986 Rosborough Trawler Power Boat For Sale -
Allan & Ann
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Mule .. "Life saving"?

Only real trailerable trawler I know of is the Albin 25. And fortunately one of the best power boats ever made. You can find them inexpensive too if you're patient. Better to save your money and get a good one but depending on who you are buying a fixer upper may even be better .... but not likely. Depend on you.

Once you get her "fixed up" you can spend your time boating. Albins don't require a lot of work.

North Western Washington State USA
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I have a "trailerable trawler" that I'm happy with - a Ranger 29. Unfortunately they haven't been making them that long soo not cheap. The Ranger 25's have been around longer and are more affordable.

They pack a lot of amenities into these boats - bow and stern thrusters, generator with AC, Garmin navigation package, etc. They have a semi-displacement hull and are kind of light for big water. People do take them, happily, around the great loop, etc. If your interested check out the Tug Nuts forum or the Ranger Tug home page.
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In a small boat , esp on a trailer , most times the fuel saved by the trawler crawl is minor.

The lower cost and great livability of a common IO boat in that size is fine for summer use. The 20+K is useful as a 25 fter is no place to be if it kicks up.

We have a Regal 23 with a Volvo (Chevy engine ) that does well with the trawler crawl , great for shallow water looking at the homes and scenery ashore, yet it can be opened up to run rough water at dull spots.

With a trailer real Distance will be 15 -30 mpg behind the tow , so fuel cost is minor as distances covered is minor.Florida is 3 easy days away, instead of 20 expensive , but interesting days away.

$7K if you want the Regal, in Middletown CT , on a trailer , ready to go.
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There is a Nimble Nomad page on Facebook that you can check out and leave a want ad. If you look around, you can sometimes find Nomads for $20 to 25 thou with a trailer and they are easily towed by a newer 1/2 ton pickup.
They made about 130 of them and almost all are still around.
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Originally Posted by FF View Post

With a trailer real Distance will be 15 -30 mpg behind the tow , so fuel cost is minor as distances covered is minor.Florida is 3 easy days away, instead of 20 expensive , but interesting days away.
I agree with everything you said, although I wish this part was true for me. Maybe for your 23, but last night I towed my Regal 2765 from Minneapolis to Sturgeon Bay and I got 9 mpg.
Still well worth it though.
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I would second Eric on the Albin 25. Very reasonably priced, efficient use of space, economical to run and keep maintained plus very safe and seaworthy. We started out in an A 25 and still think of it as one of our all time favorites. They are often overlooked but worth searching for. Easily towed, launched and built very strong.
Keith Olive
1974 Grand Banks 36-427
Vashon Island, WA
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Regal 2765 from Minneapolis to Sturgeon Bay and I got 9 mpg.

9 mpg is still 300% to 900% better than most boats do on their bottoms
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I have a 27' Saga for sale that may be of interest. It is a 1973 Swedish built boat with a full displacement hull. I just completed a 3-year project to rebuild it from the hull-up. It has a brand new Beta Marine engine (less than 10 hrs), all new wiring, plumbing, electronics, woodwork, canvas enclosure etc. It also has an aluminum dual-axle trailer that has been modified to accommodate the deep keel.
I can provide pictures and specs if you are interested. It was launched on August 1st, 2014 and I am getting ready to list it with a broker later this week. It is located in Pensacola, FL.
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What happen to jeffnick?He lives in my area and has a '72 Land and Sea.Those can be picked up in good shape, with a trailer, for under $20K.They are simple and some are spartan.Very roomy for what they are.Also full facilities onboard.Here is his thread. Trawler or Houseboat?

Here is his set up.Looks good to me.Not a trawler, but shouldn't be hard to resale and move up.


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