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Interested in any systems being removed, east coast,thanks

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Do you need the center post , arms and fish as well?

Have a complete set , multiple sized fish ,that uses a SS collapsible post for bridge clearance.

Ortona FL 33471 ,, dock pickup.

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You need to consider the underlying structure of the boat itself before you bolt on paravanes with their center post and arms. That structure needs to take very large loads.

If it is a production boat with a current builder like a Nordhavn or Krogen, contact them for advice. If a custom build, talk to the NA who designed it. Otherwise hire a NA to look at the structure and advise on any reinforcement.

Also the location fore and aft is important both for structural strength, ie bearing on a bulkhead, as well as performance.

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When I responded to Jeff , I had no idea fish were so popular.

I went hunting and found the makings for 2 sets , which I will post when I get my camera some new batteries.

For folks that are interested the mfg,

Trolling - Stabilizers - Kolstrand

has a good web site with all the info needed to choose what is needed , what size etc.
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