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# 1 passagemaker , and a few hundred more.

Have the starting issues of PM and a couple of boxes full.

Most are old , few recent issues as the PM style of boating does not interest me.

Located in Ortona FL , off the ICW Caloosahatchie river.

Come and get them , bring something interesting, to swop.

Driving, look for the Ortona Lock on the GPS.

But call first.

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It's become the Motor Trend of the boating world. or maybe it always was.

Richard on Dauntless,
New York

a Kadey Krogen 42 currently:
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Mr. Wxx. "or maybe it always was." I don't think so. Somewhere, we have all the issues from the first two or three years and there were articles about every day guys, gals and boats in all of them. Your exploits would most probably been highlighted in a feature article.

We lost interest when Bill Pantaloon sold out to that big magazine conglomerate, the name of which escapes me now. (nothing new there...).
PMM basically became a glossy sales brochure full of the latest and greatest to multi-buck fuel management systems. You actually had to pay for the skewed (IMO) articles and the pseudo "expert" must-have recommendations. Yup, Motor Trend...

The original chat room was quite active and I made and met several new friends as a result of MY involvement. I also suspect that forum was the seed that produce TF.
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I often wonder if there's an economically viable market for a trawler-oriented print magazine. Specifically tailored to, well, us! What the original PM was, essentially.

Working closely with Bob Bitchin and Cruising Outpost magazine I see the constant "battle" to keep a magazine "real" with user-generated content while needing advertising revenue from the recreational boating industry to keep it afloat. While the parts/accessories market can be good advertisers, the new boat industry is the big money.

We have these conversations every once in awhile. I even convinced Bob to run a special trawler section starting in the Fall '17 issue. The idea was to have that be a regular section in every issue. Alas, it only ran the one time...

But back to my first sentence. I think the key word is "print". Only a crazy person or one with really deep pockets and a passion for losing money would create a new print magazine for us TF-types. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
Port Townsend, WA
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Still cleaning out , and have a decade or so of Practical Sailor.

As so many have used boats the gear they remark about may be whats on board .
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