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Doesn't seem like you folks leave the slip much...

Jack (Steve?)
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Leaving the dock

Originally Posted by Sailor of Fortune View Post
Doesn't seem like you folks leave the slip much...
Actually just the opposite, the past eight weeks or so we have taken the boat out about eight times, just have not been posting much lately. Sometimes we take her out after work, anchor for dinner then back as the sun sets. It's been a good spring for us despite the May / June gray overcast that doesn't clear up until around 3:00pm. Glade that's begin us for another year.

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Boat Design

My wife never gets involved in boat design or why things work the way they do but yesterday she did become interested. We we're heading out of the long channel to open ocean and it was a little breezy (15 -20 knots). The swells we're small but we had a short two foot chop. As we cleared the protection of Point Loma we could feel the breeze at full force on our starboard side. At the same time Mary was watching a fifty something motoryacht that was alongside us start to rock and roll then turn around as we continued. She asked why was the boat moving so much and we weren't?

I explained there are likely two primary reasons, 1) the boat doesn't have stabilizers to which she responded "we don't either" and 2) boat design. I told her to look at how tall and boxy the yacht was and how that much surface area acts as a sail and catches all the wind. I reminded her the time we went for a sailboat ride and how all the wind went over us and the boat didn't move. Same situation with our boat which is a well thought out "low profile PH" design. We catch some wind but compared to the tall Nordhavns we owned with round hulls we just don't roll as much with this hull. I went on to explain how we use the little extra speed we have to help keep the ride more comfortable.
We continued out for awhile with Mary driving as I adjusted speed for changes in angle of attack of the waves and swells. She quickly realized how just a little more speed and change in direction can make a big difference with larger swells coming from passing boats It was a great couple of hours out on the water and a small learning lesson for Mary. Docking in this breeze with a strong current was "let's say fun".


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