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Originally Posted by PirateDan View Post
Thanks everyone. I guess I assumed that, since the original post was put in the GH builders forum, that everyone would realize I was referring to a GH 37. Sorry for not being more clear.

I understand there are an abundance of over 16 beam slips. Just wondering if I'm doomed to paying for 50-60 foot slips when I only need 40?

Was also possibly going to consider other boats if the 16 beam is a problem on the loop.
If you are a transient you will be charged by foot of length. It’s only when you rent a permanent slip by the month that you might be charged for a slip longer than your boat. And even then the rate per foot drops from the transient rate.

We are 18’6” wide and have never had any problems with getting a slip. Then again we are also 70’ OAL and most slips that size are built for such a beam. If you are traveling you will probably be on a side tie anyway as others have suggested.

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Slip width while cruising

The question I have is what type/manufacturer boat do you have that is 40' long & 16' wide (beam)?

That is a highly irregular boat, unless of course it's a cat and you should have mentioned that.

IF it is a cat, marinas usually have a slip or 2 for them.

You can also be put on a T head or fuel dock in some cases.

You aren't going to have an issue when you do the Loop. We started our Loop in '16 and are about 1/2 done, now on Lake Barkley in KY.

We are a 43' trawler, 15' beam and never had an issue, yes they normally ask for particulars on your boat.

Have fun.

​Best regards,
Charles Williamson
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Originally Posted by Gdavid View Post
Many of us enter thread under "new posts" rather than through the "forum" page. On the mobile settings it is especially easy to overlook what subforum you are in.

I have to agree with GDavid; I tend to only look at the newest discussion topics on the right side window and go directly to the ones that interest me, therefore i never notice necessarily what subforum it falls under.
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Wifey B: We've cruised and cruised and cruised and cruised.

We've heard warnings and warnings and warnings and warnings about transient dockage and slips.

Can't dock a CAT anywhere, but then people do all the time.

Can't find dockage on the loop over 50'. Then they change that to 60'. We were 69'4" and had no problems. I know someone who took a 72' Hatteras on the loop.

It's only a problem if you don't contact them ahead and find out, but the vast majority of areas will accommodate you well. Marinas are use to boats of all sizes and types.

Any boat you consider, someone will be giving you warnings. Perhaps 50% of the time, they'll know what they're talking about.
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I would not think it an issue.

Rich Gano
FROLIC (2005 MainShip 30 Pilot II)
Panama City area
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