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The original poster does not mention where the boat was built. If it was built outside of North America, maybe Taiwan or China, then US import duty of 1.5% of current value may be due also. If it US built than an Entry needs to be made to US Customs as "US built return goods." There is no duty on Canadian built boats but the boat will still need to be entered with US Customs.
If US import duty was paid previously in the US, as it would if the original owner was in the US, then the boat was sold to a Canadian, that status of "Duty Paid" changes with where the last sale took place, in the US or Canada.
As others have suggested you need to get professional advice.

Tucker Fallon CPYB
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Years ago I lived and commercial fished out of California. At the time, a boat bought outside of California and used for a period outside the state was exempt on sales tax. Documented vessels were exempt for personal property tax. I doubt with Jerry and his buddies running the state that's still true.
If it were me, I'd buy a boat that is documented and dock it in Oregon (no sales tax state) and later after whatever required period, move it to California. But if it was really me, I'd leave California, the once great state.
You'd probably have to sign a statement on the boats use. California doesn't have inspectors checking docks and boats out of state.

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Originally Posted by Lepke View Post
California doesn't have inspectors checking docks and boats out of state.
Actually, in California, property tax is not collected by the state (so technically you are correct), but is instead collected by the respective county's Tax Collector. Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties each "walk the docs" in early January in an effort to find "out of state" boats that should be paying property tax.
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Even telephone poles have to pay tax in California.

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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
Even telephone poles have to pay tax in California.
Taxing trees is next on the agenda.
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Originally Posted by Donsan View Post
Taxing trees is next on the agenda.

Not yet but if they ever evolve to fart they'll tax them into extinction

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Having been down this road

Staying in Oregon one year will exempt you from California use tax if you can establish that the boat was purchased for use in Oregon. Simply leaving it there is not enough. You'll be asked to produce cruising logs, fuel bills, maintenance receipts and berthing bills. In other words you will actually have to use the boat and prove it to be exempt from California use tax. Unsecured property tax is collected by local counties and that rate varies.Usually around 1% of the value established by the county. You get to say what you paid for the boat, but they check on boats similar sold in Ca. Painting Oregon on the transom doesn't cut it. Also if you pay to have physical work done on your boat in Washington it buys you another 6 months with out paying Washington use tax.

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